Recently, one of my medicine-related Language Consultation assignments afforded me theopportunity to spell out the crucial role that the mind/body, person-centered perspective plays forthe well-being of health professionals themselves – not only for their patients. Dr. Anna Stavdal,President of WONCA, the global organization of Family Doctors, has quoted from my input in her February 2023 … Read more

A letter from Alberto Zucconi – Clinical Psychologist

13. March 2020 Letter from: Alberto Zucconi: President, Person-Centered Approach Institute (IACP), Italy; Secretary General, World University Consortium; Member, World Academy of Arts & Sciences (WAAS) Board of Trustees To: Some of his colleagues at the U.N., the World Health Organisation (WHO), the World University Consortium, WAAS, among others. Dear colleagues, Honestly, I never imagined … Read more